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When investors read the same headlines in financial news, they make capital investments on exactly the same data foundation. If you want to stay ahead, you should therefore focus on finding information that nobody else is looking for. That's the idea behind the New York-based company Exante Data which uses algorithms and modelling developed by Rooftop Analytics.

About exante data

Founded in 2016 by Jens Nordvig, New York, US, Exante Data delivers world-class proprietary data and analytics to institutional investors globally. Exante Data has quickly become a market leading source of information that can answer key macro questions and predict trends on the global capital market.


Bloomberg refers to the founder of Exante Data, Jens Nordvig, as one of the hottest analysts in the financial industry. He advises some of the world's largest investment companies, banks, and pension companies, and raises the bar for macroeconomic strategy by means of explorative and predictive analytics.

The goal is to create the best software system in the world that can analyze and predict capital movements worldwide. And we have succeeded. We avoid mainstream news and instead dig deep into a pool of other official data and our own micro data from, for example, the Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements. We focus on analysis and research results and find our way to very specific data. Exploring data is what we spend most of our time on,” explains Jens Nordvig, CEO, Exante Data.

Jens Nordvig, CEO, Exante Data. Fotograf Asger Ladefoged/Ritzau Scanpix.


The goal is to create the best software system in the world that can analyze and predict capital movements around the world. And we have succeeded.


Unusual patterns of movement. For investment professionals, it's all about buying or selling at the right time, and that's exactly the advisory service, Exante Data offers. Exante Data collects and generates proprietary data that are being analyzed and combined with data from official sources. The result is a series of indicators of rich movement patterns in exchange rates and interest rates which are being translated into predictions about developments on the global capital market.

"We create another view on the behavioral pattern. We make it easier to find the information - or puzzle pieces - that explains why markets are moving as they do," he says.

Exante Data advises on the basis of their knowledge of econometrics, i.e., statistical modelling and artificial intelligence. Rooftop Analytics develops algorithms in the modelling tool, which can summarize and provide analytics from thousands of indicators. Therefore, Exante Data can follow the movements on the capital market in real time and get very accurate information on what will happen - and why.

“We start by clarifying what we want to investigate. As an example, we want to find out how a country that is very restrictive of what news are being released, manipulates their currency in real time. The data we find is being analyzed based on statistical modelling. We measure up to 20,000 indicators, which is quite unique. Then we program the software, which delivers signal value all the time, and generate new macro data. Therefore, our analysis goes much more in-depth compared to a traditional ad-hoc analysis,” says Jens Nordvig.

“For us it's important that our statistical models are top notch. Our focus is on the markets, and Rooftop Analytics contributes with statistical models and recent research on the statistical techniques. It's a good division of labor. We have a transparent dialogue, good teamwork, and we speak the same language,” he says.


Opens up to a broader audience. In addition to doubling his staff of top analysts to 30, Jens Nordvig has new ideas for how he wants to expand his business and make his services available to a broader audience.

Our customers are high-end and sophisticated in their needs. But by presenting our analysis in a simpler way, we can step further down into the market and invite a larger group of investors and companies to join,” he says.

”There are many opportunities, and we will continuously refine our methods. As a result, our software will remain the best on the market."

Christian Møller Dahl. Co-founder, COO at Rooftop Analytics


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Since 2017, Rooftop Analytics has partnered with Exante Data. Based on the latest research in the field, we develop innovative data models and algorithm-based visualization tools that can support Exante Data in advising its investment clients.


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