Get a Sanity Check Your Business Ideas

A sanity check of a business idea - is it feasible with use of data? An informal dialog on what it takes to kick-start an execution of the idea, and what it requires from the organisation This is not a trivial considertion, when it comes to succeed from the start. The sanity check is well spend.

We will be excited to meet and discuss your business' specific situation and your considerations on data and data intelligence. No matter how well outlined - or drafted these considerations may be.  The purpose is for you to become more informed, more clarified on how data can strengthen your business, and what business opportunities awaits by using data strategically.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to implementing data intelligence. The approach must be fitted to the data maturity of your business as well as your vision of applying data in business development. We can help you bring the idea to life. 

Sanity Check Your Business Idea

Do you have a business idea, where you need data intelligence to fulfill it? Then we are right here for you with constructive feedback. Without costs and obligations. You share your considerations, and we provide different angles of the possible solutions, as well as what it will take to bring it to live seen from the view of a business data scientist. We will also look at potential challenges, which can be expected during the assignment. We will also give you advices on how to proceed on the initiative in order to secure the most effective approach.

Get a Second Opinion on How to Execute Your Data Intelligence initiative

If you are about to starting up a data intelligence initiative, a second opinion is an effective way to evaluate your initiative's risk profile. We can evaluate both solution proposals, as well as related plan, budget and relevant competence profiles. You are welcome to book a dialog meeting with us. Without costs and obligations.

Workshop - A 360-Degree Review

If you have started or are about ti start executing your stategy of becoming data-driven, we offer to prepare and facilitate workshops to kick-start the process. Workshops provide inspiration, knowledge and tools to get started in the best possible way, both theoretically, methodologically and technically, which is based on your company.

The goal is to cover all angles of your business idea, data needs, project or development process, or the level of business readiness. Workshops can be targeted at top management or all key stakeholders of future data intelligence initaitives. It can also be introductory after-work meetings or dialogue meetings which aim to uncover the approach of how to incorporate data in the business and supporting the company's strategy. An initial meeting is, of course, free of charge and without obligations.


Are you in spirred and see the value in a second opinion on one of your initiative - no cost or obligations, contact Birgitte Dahl

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It is important to get started with data intelligence initiatives. Which initiatives have the best chance of success depends on how mature the company is in working with data, algorithms and implementing changes in the company and together with its customers and partners.

It is doubtful, if a data intelligence team will succeed with their project, if the company does not solve the most significant organizational obstacles.