Business Data Scientist – PhD Student Part-Time Position

Are you a PhD student with good instincts and a fast learner, when it comes to working with data, algorithms, and models without losing sight of the topic being analyzed? 

Rooftop Analytics is a three-year old start-up company with a high degree of entrepreneurship.

We mature predictive analytics to perfection. That’s what inspires us, drives our work, and feeds our ambition to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

We see ourselves as Business Data Scientists, as we utilize our capabilities within machine learning, statistics, and economics, and involve domain experts from the field of the assignment. All competences required in order to solve complicated business decision problems applying data analytics.

We provide our competences as consultancy services to clients. This being in an advisory role, in projects, or as customer support. In all cases, we are in close cooperation with the client.

Your Opportunity

You will be joining a highly motivational team, who are among the best within business data science. You will be working with them on projects and participate in all tasks related to data analytics projects. From identifying and verifying relevant theory in the domain of the assignment, to prepare data, defining a data model, develop, test and train the algorithm, and in the end to support the implementation and launching period. Where most of your efforts will reside, depends on your profile and qualifications. However, the work is performed in cooperation with the client’s resources, who we often train and share knowledge with.

Also, there will be internal projects, where you will participate in developing ideas and solutions in a domain area, which is new to us. Often, this is with the purpose of presenting the ideas to future clients.

Independent of the type of project, your work is performed in teams, as we believe the best solutions are made, when team synergies come into play. Therefore, we expect that you share ideas, knowledge and skills, and we welcome the time spend on this. At the same time, there are tasks in a project, which benefits from your individual drive and efforts. Furthermore, there will be tasks overlapping with your curriculum, why you are investing some interest hours in improving your skill in new technics.

Your Qualifications

We are looking for a PhD student in business, economics, mathematics-economics, statistics, data science, engineering, or computer science, who is eager to learn how to work with large and complicated data sets in the context of solving critical business problems. You must be focused on details and be willing to work on all steps required in a data analytics project. To effectively execute a data analytics project, we expect that you are an organized and responsible individual, who accept to follow our data analytics development method and are able to deliver according to a time plan. As teamwork is key, you will have good collaboration and communication skills.

It's a prerequisite that you have the following competences

  • Strong theoretical capabilities, constantly searching for news in your area of expertise.
  • Strong skills in statistics and flair for coding and problem solving in e.g. R, Matlab, or python.
  • Manage to work structured, methodically through statistical problem solving.

It's an advantage if you have

  • Experience in econometrics.

What You Need to Know

You will feel the culture of entrepreneurship, when you join. We continuously expand our knowledge and skills within business data science, as we are very persistent in being good at the newest algorithms, techniques, and models. We put time aside to improve.

The position corresponds to 1-2 days a week. The workload will vary depending on customer assignments and project deadlines. At all time, we respect time for finals when required. For us, your study comes first. Therefore, your commitment will be agreed individually, and you will be compensated by hourly rate matching your competences. We require, you have your supervisor acceptance to work for us.

The workplace is in Europe. It will be a mix between working from home, client locations, and our main office in Odense, Denmark. We are expanding and establishing satellite group offices within Europe.

How to apply. If you think that you are the right match for our team, please send us a motivational letter, diploma and your CV to

Do you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please contact Birgitte Dahl at mobile +45 20318030 or by maill

Deadline. We appreciate applications at any time and will process applications as soon as we receive them.

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We create the shortest path from the occurance of new theory, techniques and models until it is applied  - Technology in Practice.

We are a team with unique competences in business data science and capable of seeing extraordinary opportunities in data.