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Sanity Check Your Business Idea - Exploring the Possibilities in Data 

If you have a business idea and wonder if it holds water, we are right here for you with constructive feedback. Without costs and obligations. You share your considerations, and we provide different angles of the possibilities and challenges of the idea presented.

Get a Second Opinion on your Data Project

If you are considering to embark on an ambitious data project, we offer you a second opinion on how to approach it and the potential pitfalls as well as how to draft a successful plan for implementation. We are right here for you. Without costs and obligations.

Workshop - A 360-Degree Review

If you have, or are about to decide whether to start, an ambitious data project, we offer to facilitate a workshop, which establishes the right foundation for your data project. The workshop provides inspiration, knowledge and tools to get started in the best possible way, theoretically, methodically, and technically, based on your business idea. The goal is to cover all angles of your business idea, data needs, and project approach. The workshop can be targeted at top management or key stakeholders of the future data project. Purpose can vary from having an initial dialogue, a detailed dialogue on data integration, or to kick-start the data project. An initial meeting is, of course, free of costs and obligations.

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