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Rooftop Analytics' team consists of the most skilled business data scientists on the Danish market with PhDs or Master's degrees in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Data Science. Additionally, we are anchored in IT and have many years of experience running complex IT projects from start to end.

At Rooftop Analytics, you meet deeply passionate employees who collectively manage to think big and set up exciting and challenging what-if scenarios, focusing on the business challenges to be solved. We work systematically and methodically while keeping sight of even the smallest details in the assignment. We set a team and lead the team in ways that generate the required creativity and quality as well as delivering the solution according to the agreement.

co-founder & CEO

Birgitte Dahl

MSc. in Economics


+45 2031 8030

Birgitte Dahl. Co-founder and CEO at Rooftop Analytics

Birgitte Dahl is co-founder of Rooftop Analytics and bridges business, data intelligence, and IT. She has 20 years of experience at expert level in project management, defining, executing, and embedding innovative and complex business solutions in Danish and global companies. Birgitte has worked on major transformation projects in e.g. manufacturing companies, including FMCG, chemistry and energy. She therefore has deep knowledge of what it takes to maneuver purposefully in complex projects and has an eye for both professional challenges and potential pitfalls.

Christian Møller Dahl. Co-founder, COO at Rooftop Analytics

Christian Møller Dahl is co-founder and responsible for product and solution development. Christian's core competences lie in applied economics and econometrics, including time series analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning and big data. He has many years of experience in analyzing and predicting the behavior of households and businesses based on economic models. Christian also has great expertise in developing methods for predicting prices and price trends. Christian's competences come into play especially when conceptualizing model development for predictive analytics.

Sr. Product Developer

Giovanni Mellace

Professor in Economics


+45 6550 9294

Giovanni Mellace is a Sr. Product Developer at Rooftop Analytics

Giovanni Mellace is a Sr. Product Developer at Rooftop Analytics and is responsible for causality analysis. Giovanni has many years of experience in applied economics, econometrics, causality analysis, Big Data analytics. Giovanni's primary expertise lies in causal analysis and ranges from how causal studies should be designed to data collection, estimation, and quantification. Giovanni's skills come into play especially when conceptualizing model development for Predictive Analytics.

Simon Friis Wittrock, Lead Data Scientist at Rooftop Analytics

Rikke Skibsted Borup holds a bachelor’s degree in business economics and a Master's degree in Data Science from the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), brings solid experience in the field of data science within the energy sector. Her expertise particularly includes the application of neural networks for predicting electricity price distributions in the intraday market, along with an in-depth technical and analytical understanding of energy data. Rikke is passionate about continually exploring the dynamic field of data science.

Data scientist

Mikkel Bruun-Jensen

MSc. Data Science


Mikkel Bruun-Jensen, Member of CoE Business Data Science at Rooftop Analytics

Mikkel Bruun-Jensen holds a Bachelor in Public Health Master in Data Science from SDU, Denmark, employed by Dreaminfluencers as a data scientist and part of Rooftop’s CoE Business Data Science-team. This fosters knowledge synergies benefiting all parties in the ambition to remain leading within the field. Mikkel is specialized in predictive machine learning, and is an expert on feature engineering and model optimization. At all time, the focus is on value creation, by obtaining an in-depth understanding of each case and deliver the right solution.

Torben Skov Dyg Johansen, Member of CoE Business Data Science at Rooftop Analytics

Torben Skov Dyg Johansen

Torben Skov Dyg Johansen holds a master's degree in economics and has just handed in his PhD in econometrics and data science. He possesses a profound interest in forecasting business and consumer behavior, which require a deep understanding of economics and data science. Torben holds significant experience in applying big data, ML and statistical analysis to solve business challenges within the energy, finance and health industry, and has additionally contributed with new knowledge within text analysis and recognition. 

Data scientist

Kristian Lorenzen

PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Kristian Lorenzen, Member of CoE Business Data Science at Rooftop Analytics

Kristian Lorenzen holds a bachelor in physics and mathematics and a Master in Data Science. He is PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering researching in transfer learning of sleep scoring deep learning models. At Rooftop he develops advanced machine learning algorithms as well as well as performs Data Engineering tasks. Kristian is motivated by applying mathematical and theoretical models to value-generating problems. Specifically, in disciplines such as optimization, Data Mining and inference.

Christian Westermann, Member of CoE Business Data Science at Rooftop Analytics

Christian Emil Westermann is a PhD student in Econometrics, Big Data and Machine Learning and also teaches graduate students in machine learning. At Rooftop Analytics, Christian Emil develops algorithms for predictive analytics using the most advanced techniques in machine learning. These are used both in data mining, structuring of data, and the development of empirical models. In connection with his PhD, Christian Emil develops algorithms for automatically transcribing handwritten digital documents which are subsequently analyzed. Christian Emil is currently on leave to concentrate on his PhD studies. 

Data Scientist

Kristian Lindholm Nicolaisen

Master in Economics


Kristian Lindholm Nicolaisen, Member of CoE Business Data Science at Rooftop Analytics

Kristian Lindholm Nicolaisen  is master in economics, employed by QuickOrder, and member of Rooftop’s CoE Business Data Science team. At Rooftop Analytics, he develops algorithms with use of neural networks. Kristian focuses on the preparation of data, as well as the development, training and testing of algorithms used in data intelligence and in particular in predictive analytics. Kristian, together with Torben Skov Dyg Johansen, won the award for best bachelor's thesis at SDU in economics and mathematics-economics in 2017/18 - appointed by Deloitte.

Silja Kristina Briansdóttir, data scientist by Rooftop Analytics ApS

Silja Kristina Briansdóttir has a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in data science from SDU, a cross-field that contributes to solid analytical competence, which is critical to being able to solve companies' challenges. This applies to analysis of the company's specific assignments, establishment of data and the use of machine learning. Early on Silja achieved considerable practical experience with this type of tasks through her student assistant position and master’s thesis work at a large international – and data-driven company in Denmark.

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