Predicting the outcome of a criminal case, when accused

What outcome can you expect when charged in a criminal case?

Quickly getting insight makes the difference for the accused and their relatives. The answer is close at hand. Free of charge, the website gives access to 'ilas Vejrudsigt’ (ilas’ Weather Forecast), which predicts the expected sentencing, when 11 questions are answered.

A few years ago, a collaboration between Rasmus Wandall, PhD. and senior research fellow at Lund University and Christian Møller Dahl, Professor of Economics began. They involved PhD. student Simon Friis Wittrock. They researched the possibility of using data and developing algorithms to be able to predict, if an individual will be found guilty, when the individual was charged in a criminal case, and if guilty also predicting the sentencing.

Den Danish research paper has just been published in Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab, no 1/2023.

The result is interesting – and it is relevant! Rooftop Analytics contributed in transforming the research results into a tangible solution. The developed solution makes it possible for everyone to get a prediction of the outcome of a criminal case free of charge. 'ilas Vejrudsigt’ (ilas' weather forecast) can be found on the website You answer 11 questions and get the answer; meaning the expectation of whether you are guilty, and if that is the case, it also predicts, if the sentencing will be a fine, community service, conditional or unconditional imprisonment.

The encounter with the legal system can be overwhelming, and although 'Ilas Vejrudsigt' gives insight on what to expect, there may need to have a conversation with a lawyer with experience within the area of ​​the criminal case, you are charged with. For that purpose, 'Find forsvarsadvokat' (Find Defense Lawyer) is also available at

Read more about the business case here.


The solution is based on Danish data (and law) and developed in Danish only.