We're Expanding Our Knowledge and Competences: Rooftop is Welcoming Five New Master's Students

Rooftop Analytics is very excited to welcome five new master’s students, who now starts a two month+ training program with the purpose of accelerating their data science competences. With their talent, the toolbox and the energy that they bring, we’re certain that it will be an exciting period.

This is the first time, Rooftop takes the step to hire five people at the same time, as well as the first time we have the ambition to run a training program, where we urge to give our new-joiners a complete picture of what it takes to be – and become a valuable business data scientist for companies with the ambition to become data-driven in their decision making.

Besides developing their technical skills, we will train them in the method and approach, required to create the best solutions for data-driven business decisions. The technical skills can’t stand alone. A deep understanding of how to disentangle business problems and identify which parts can be resolved by data, and how to develop data models which give accurate and trustworthy predictions is also necessary.

So welcome to Tobias Egelund and Kristian Lorenzen, data science students at SDU, Panagiotis Grigoriadis and Nicola Cantisani, engineering students at DTU and Sofie Skjødt, economics student at SDU.