Welcome to Torben Skov Dyg Johansen: Data Scientist at Rooftop Analytics

With his PhD thesis in economics and data science just handed in, Torben has agreed to put his unique knowledge to use at Rooftop.

Torben has been engaged with Rooftop since 2019, starting as a graduate student, so we are well-acquainted with the caliber of knowledge he brings to Rooftop and our clients' projects.


Torben's experience with data science spans within health, finance and energy. Additionally, he brings research has contributed with new knowledge within text analysis and recognition.


Torben will play a key role in advancing Rooftop's market initiatives by his participating in the digitization of documents. This initiative is geared towards harnessing text content for data intelligence solutions, covering a range of tasks from processing censuses to handling (handwritten) service reports. Additionally, it involves the identification of sensitive data in documents to ensure proper compliance with GDPR regulations.


We are thrilled to welcome Torben to the Rooftop team, and we eagerly anticipate the contributions he will make to our data science endeavors.