Welcome to Simon Friis Wittrock: Lead Data Scientist at Rooftop Analytics

Simon has just defended his PhD thesis in economics and data science, so it is with excitement that he is now on board at Rooftop full time.

Simon has been engaged at Rooftop since 2019, starting as a graduate student, so we know his competencies and are confident, that he will contribute positively to Rooftop's ambition to deliver top-notch business data science solutions to our customers.

In addition to his data science expertise, which is absolutely crucial to the projects we ar e working on, Simon will as the lead contribute to managing the projects' pipeline, for our ongoing customer deliveries.

Through his research, Simon has already contributed in developing a model, which can predict the outcome of a criminal case. It is part of ilas’ vejrudsigt, where Rooftop has assisted in product development and launched the solution together with Ilas ApS.

In the coming time, Simon will participate in the project, which will transcribe selected Danish censuses from the period 1870-1930. It is a delivery to Link-Lives.

 Welcome to Simon!