Silja Briansdóttir by Rooftop Analytics ApS

Welcome to Silja Kristina Briansdóttir: Data Scientist at Rooftop Analytics

We are excited to introduce newly graduated data scientist from SDU, Silja Kristina Briansdóttir, who is Rooftop's newest addition to the team.

With a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in data science, Silja brings both relevant skills and solid knowledge within data science, which can contribute to tackling companies' data-driven challenges.


In her role as a data scientist, Silja will work in project teams with the customer to clarify the company's data-driven problems, and develop the right solutions that ensure the most accurate predictions. Silja looks forward to being involved in projects from start to finish, where understanding the task is the key to developing tailored solutions for Rooftop's customers.


We are very happy that Silja has chosen Rooftop. Silja makes no secret of the fact that the reason for her choice lies in our professionally skilled team and their commitment to data science. The variety created by working for different clients, projects and issues seems to Silja to be a huge plus, as it largely requires continuous development and applying the latest techniques in data science.


Silja is engaged with our customer Jysk Fynske Medier, where a new project starts after the fall break.


Welcome to Rooftop, Silja! We look forward to creating value together and continuing to make data-driven decisions.