Videnbyen in Odense Hosts ThursdayTalks About Women Entrepreneurs

Co-founder, Birgitte Dahl talks about Rooftop, entrepreneurship and the challenges, and will be sharing her reflections on whether being a woman makes a difference.

At a time when entrepreneurship is in demand in companies - large and small, and the need for start-ups to succeed and grow into profitable businesses, it is crucial to address the challenges that hamper success, whether it is due to structural or cultural constraints. Women's commitment and involvement in development is necessary.

Three dates for ThursdayTalks have been set; the first is November 18th at 14:00, where the three stories will be followed up with a discussion about what - if anything, justifies talking about women entrepreneurs.

"I think it is fantastic, that Syddanske Forskerparker in Odense takes the lead and invites to ‘ThursdaysTalks’, where there is a focus on female entrepreneurship. The time has come for more stories to be told, and I am looking forward to hear the stories from Pernille Callesen Loup, EventyrFilm and Astrid Roll Vitved, Nordfreds", says Bigitte Dahl

Woman or not, entrepreneur or not. These are stories are worth listning to.

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