Column in Computerworld: Break Down the Organizational Boundaries of Data and Competences

The founder and CEO of Rooftop Analytics has written a column in Computerworld (DK) about the need to foster cross field cooperation in companies in order to become effective in executing data analytics projects.

To become effective in executing data analytics projects, it’s crucial to remove the traditional, often invisible, borders existing in organizations. It’s required to foster cross field cooperation, to create, to understand, and to welcome skills and knowledge from different fields throughout the data project. It’s necessary from the minute the project starts and the assignment and purpose are to be understood, data has to be selected, the tasks are to be performed, and till the end of the project, where the results are to be interpreted. This isn’t a task, which can only be assigned to the data project. It also demands organizational adjustments.

The column brings light to key areas where lack of cross field cooperation creates unnecessary challenges to the data analytics projects. The consequences show up as the following scenarios: 

  • Data science work starts before the assignment is understood, and get sidetracked
  • Data foundation is doubtful, rushing to incorrect conclusions
  • Organizational rigidity lower data analytics projects performance, causing delays

Read the column here.