We See Business Opportunities in Data

Rooftop Analytics matures data and brings predictive analytics to perfection for companies seeking to release their business potential by applying data. Rooftop Analytics executes complex data projects and provides the crucial piece in data analytics, namely an algorithm-based, empirical model.

We advise our clients on how to apply data to support new business initiatives. We develop empirical data models and program customized algorithms for data analytics. The result is a software code, which is implemented on a client's existing IT platform. In close cooperation with our clients, we run the project from start to end.

Our core expertise is to find data correlations and - if possible - causality in data. We ensure that the statistical validity is calculated on all results generated by the algorithm. This means that the company's management and employees can rely on the results and act on them.

For most companies, applying data in new and more ambitious ways is new ground. Rooftop Analytics can be your partner in leveraging data and offers the following services:

Consultancy Services

    • We uncover the possibilities of applying data in product and business development, automation, and efficiency.
    • We design and facilitate workshops to clarify, validate, and dive into business ideas where data is an essential element.
    • We offer various collaboration agreements depending on the needs of the client including consultancy, project delivery, data partnership, and outsourcing.

    Data Pilot Projects

    • We apply most recent research - theoretical, methodical and technical - specifically for the problem.
    • We select and qualify data for the pilot project.
    • We develop data models and algorithms.
    • We train the empirical model, create the data product, and visualize the result.

    The Software Application

    • We provide the empirical data model and algorithm as a software application for installation on the client's IT platforms.
    • We hand over the software application for the client to be able to tune and adjust the algorithm over time.
    • We offer a support agreement, where we continuously update the algorithms and the empirical model over time.

    Data Project Implementation

    • We scale the solution from pilot project to implementation applying the full data set.
    • We support the clients with installing the software application on their platform.
    • We offer a launching period, monitoring the solution while being used in the production system.
    • We prepare the client for the new solution and educate users.


    To know more about the services and competences we offer, contact Birgitte Dahl.

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