Center of Excellence – Business Data Science

Rooftop offers business data science expertise in any assignments being performed; advisory, consultancy, projects or support. For our customers it’s straight forward; one agreement gives your company access to business data science excellence in your transformation to become a data-driven company.

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) in business data science provides your company with access to business data science competences whenever you need it. In this way, your company gets access to highly competent data science competences not required at all time in your company. In other words; your company gets the flexibility required to develop data-driven solutions in a cost-effective way and without interruptions due to the lack of relevant competences.

By establishing a CoE in business data science, we realize the opportunity to bring learning synergies into play; an essential success criterion for creating sufficient competences to the market, both in terms of competence level and competence availability.

We employ the best graduates from universities in Europe, who provide a solid knowledge foundation, which contributes to the development of our competences. We select those who are passionate about creating solutions that are developed in interaction with others and often from different disciplines. We train our business data science consultants in Rooftop’s Predictive Analytics model, which equips them to work structured and result-oriented grounded in an understanding of business economics.

By breaking down the problem into sub-problems, we gain an insight that has great value for companies. It provides insight into contexts that can be used constructively in decision-making processes. It simplifies the complex business problem without losing important information.

For us, business know-how is essential. We need to be able to do more than just develop the best data science solutions. We must be able to break down the task, identify sub-elements that are particularly critical in the development of predictions. To a greater extent, we must be able to develop predictions that provide an opportunity to understand the context and be able to interpret the results. This creates more robust data analytics solutions and gives companies increased insight and the possibility to make better business decisions on a data analytics-based foundation, and thereby become data-driven.

Center of Excellence

    The Advantages of our Center of Excellence

    • CoE offers you excellent business data science competences not otherwise possible to attract
    • CoE knows how to master execution of your simple as well as advanced data analytics assignments
    • CoE provides continuously learning for your in-house data scientists by providing you the platform for accessing the needed competences on an ad-hoc basis
    • CoE performs data science support of operational tasks, such as monitoring and retraining of solutions, so that efforts and focus on the development of new data science projects can continue.
    • CoE secures the most cost-effective way to get access to business data science competences providing flexibility in when and how much you’ll use them.
    • The better use of the CoE, the more savings are accomplished

    How We are Strong in Delivering Results

    We derive from researchers in the fields of business, economics, statistics, and machine learning, which provide us with a knowledge about the most recent research and newest techniques required to deliver state-of-the-art algorithms.

    We apply our business data science methodology, when developing data analytics solutions, which is a solid and proven approach to accomplish cutting edge solutions.

    We are among the first in applying most recent knowledge and techniques in our delivery to customers, as we excel in developing skills and competences through our business data science excellence center.

    We partner up with domain enablers, to make sure that our solutions are based on the industry’s best practice.


    If you want to know more on how you can benefit from business data science competences from our Center of Excellence, please contact Birgitte Dahl.

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    We are a team with unique competences in business data science and capable of seeing extraordinary opportunities in data.