Data paves the way for many new business opportunities. But it requires hard work. Get insights into what it takes and where companies must keep full attention when starting the transition to become a data-driven business.


Don't Be Left Behind on the Journey to Become a Data-Driven Company

It requires dedicated work and - for many companies - a maturity journey to become a data-driven business. Therefore, it's important to start the journey and make the best use of the experiences gained on the way. 

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Avoid the Pitfalls in an Ambitious Data Analytics Initiative

A rigorous and methodical approach to the explorative work in data analytics initiatives is one of the most important elements for avoiding unwanted surprises and to ensure the success of the project. Here's how to get to the finish line


When an Ambitious Data Analytics Initiative Needs to Succeed

Before taking the first step into an ambitious data analytics initiative, it's important that top management aligns on expectations to the project result as well as the starting point for achieving it. Set the project framework


SAP's Platform Provides Multiple Possibilities for Predictive Analytics

SAP's platform works as an engine for predictive analytics. This is still the case, if you prefer to present results in Tableau or Power BI. Learn more here


Column in Computerworld: Only Data is Unique  

Birgitte Dahl, CEO at Rooftop, has written a column in Computerworld addressing four important challenges in the journey to become a data-driven company. Read the column here


Column in Computerworld: Break Down the Organizational Boundaries of Data and Competences

Computerworld has published an article by Birgitte Dahl, CEO at Rooftop. The article focuses on the need for organizations to improve cross functional cooperation, when executing data analytics projects. Read the article here