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Data is like a raw material which must come into play when companies want to become data-driven. Explore how predictive analytics creates insights, which help companies develop new products and services as well as new effective ways to work.


Predictive Analytics - A Way to Prevent Food Waste

If we are to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 of halving food waste and food loss in production and supply chains, we need to think unconventionally. Predictive analytics can contribute to the solution. Get inspired


Predictive Analytics - An Engine for Product Development

Bring data into play in product development to create future earnings for you, your suppliers, and customers. It requires close cooperation in the value chain but contributes to increased insight for everyone. See examples


Machine Learning Replaces Manual Transcription of Handwritten Documents

The combination of microtasking, machine learning, and crowdsourcing is an effective way to transcribe handwritten documents in preparation for data analytics. Read why and how