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We Set the Bar High 

We are a start-up company with a strong commitment to deliver the best service and the highest quality in our consulting and the products we develop. We are convinced that collaborating across professional groups, industries, and disciplines creates synergies, which foster the newest ideas and the best results. We believe that companies and society will benefit by applying recent research results – faster.


Our purpose is to help companies see business opportunities in data and to help companies develop competitive and unique products and services through the use of data and algorithm-based solutions.

Rooftop Analytics develops advanced algorithms and matures data for companies to obtain qualified and valid information to be applied for data-driven decisions. These decisions increase operational efficiency and contribute to the development of new products and services. Our goal is to create a unique foundation for decision-making and exploration of new business opportunities for companies.

We are capable of leading and facilitating data projects. This is the case when it comes to working with data and developing data models and algorithms, and when executing a data project and supporting the company in the transformation.


Our vision is to be the market's first-mover in developing and applying latest knowledge and technologies within data analytics to contribute and fulfill companies' ambition of becoming a data-driven business.

Rooftop Analytics Stands Out on the Market

We bridge three important disciplines - business, IT and research. The DNA of Rooftop Analytics is founded on many years of research in applied statistical analysis and many years of experience in executing complex IT solutions with a large impact on business.

We tailor Data Analytics models and develop algorithms for specific purposes and thus secure new and much better information. It allows companies to offer unique services and products, thereby creating competitive advantages.

We help companies become better in working with data both when it comes to executing the project, validating the data, the quality of the results, and the transformation which enables companies to use the solution.

We utilize the latest research knowledge in our delivery to companies. Our employees are among the most talented data scientists on the Danish market with PhDs or master's degrees in Economics, Econometrics, and Statistics where the use of big data and machine learning are naturally included.

Rooftop Analytics Creates Value

  • We apply current research and newest technologies in a new context that creates first-mover effect.
  • We provide access to information that is difficult to obtain but crucial in order to accomplish the value locked in data.
  • We create insight and the opportunity to apply data as an accelerator in the development of new products and services that contribute to future earnings.
  • We develop operational data-driven decisions based on data and algorithms, and we automate the execution of them to achieve savings in operations.
  • We evaluate whether business ideas based on available data are feasible to avoid unnecessary costs. We put our efforts into the business ideas that can be realized.

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Rooftop Analytics offers services necessary for a successful execution of ambitious data projects.

We are a team with unique competences in data science and see extraordinary opportunities in data.