Rooftop Analytics' DNA is founded on many years of research in applied statistical analysis and many years of experience in project management and implementation of complex IT solutions with significant business impact. We go to the market with the perfect combination of skills.

In recent years, companies have been given ample opportunity to leverage predictive analytics for far more purposes than before thanks to big data, machine learning, and flexible IT platforms. That is why we have established Rooftop Analytics and brought together some of Denmark's most skilled data scientists to solve predictive analytics tasks for companies at home and abroad. To help companies reach their goals, it requires solid expertise in statistics, economics, and data science as well as the ability to deliver technically complex projects.

Rooftop Analytics is founded upon three important disciplines - econometrics, data science, and efficient execution of complex projects when developing customized solutions with Predictive Analytics. Rooted in research, we are able to make use of the recent theoretical knowledge and the latest technologies and thereby create a shorter path from research to business: Technology Transfer.

Rooftop Analytics' founders, Birgitte Dahl and Christian Møller Dahl, combine 20 years of experience in using statistical analysis to solve various problems in, among other things, economics, health, and wind energy with 20 years of experience in implementing complex IT projects with strong business impact.

Both sets of competences are needed to launch and run small and large data projects from start to end and fully liberate the return on investment that data projects are expected to bring.

Rooftop Analytics was founded in 2017 and originates from E-Metrics Consulting, which was founded by Professor Christian Møller Dahl in 2007. Already at this time, the company provided Predictive Analytics to customers in the research, energy, and financial industry.

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